Month: October 2023

October 27, 2023

Artificial intelligence in early detection and prediction of pediatric/neonatal acute kidney injury: current status and future directions

As you are aware that PCRRT-ICONIC group is working on AI & Predictive Models for AKI prediction in neonates and children. This week, we publish a comprehensive review on the same in ‘Pediatric Nephrology’. The review covers all basics and all attempts done in the field. Read More

October 16, 2023

Sudden Spurt in Pediatric Acute Kidney Injury Cases in Uzbekistan: A Call for International Drug Quality Control and Pharmaceutical Legislation

An urgent international call for drug regulation published by our group in kidney360 journal this week in collaboration with colleagues from Uzbekistan. This is about sudden spurt of Pediatric AKI cases all across the world in Africa, Indonesia and now Uzbekistan. Read More

October 3, 2023

Voice of a caregiver: call for action for multidisciplinary teams in the care for children with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome

As you are all aware, that there is a need to involve multidisciplinary teams in involvement of rare diseases like aHUS. Today we publish an Editorial in ‘Pediatric Nephrology’ journal with aHUS Alliance Global Action, Dr Christoph Licht and team to create more awareness about the need for multidisciplinary teams in education and formulation of

Read More