Month: August 2022

August 24, 2022

Anti Factor H Antibodies in aHUS

Today our group has published a review on ‘Anti Factor H Antibodies in aHUS’ in ‘Frontiers in Immunology’ today. Antibodies to Factor H is the most common cause of aHUS in children in our country and we have published multiple research papers on this in last 2 decades. Read More »

August 16, 2022

STARZ Neonatal AKI Risk Stratification Score

Sharing the ‘Research Letter’ published this week in ‘KI Reports’ on an attempt to find cut off scores for STARZ Neonatal AKI Risk Stratification Score from the TINKER group (a sub-section of PCRRT-ICONIC Group). There are multiple studies ongoing across the world to validate it in individual centres. Read More »