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Patient Testimonials

  • Dr Sidharth Sethi played a key instrumental role when my son Siddharth Rathore 10 Yrs was diagnosed with CKD stage 5 in May 2016.Immediate transplant was required and i shifted on recommendation of PGI Chandigarh to MEDANTA under treatement of Dr.Siddharth Sethi.The way case was handled by Paediatric Nephrology team under leadership of Dr Siddharth is commendable and highely appriciated and in minimum time with so much care my son was treated by Dr.Siddharth with 100% perfection was discharged within 3 weeks after successfull transplant which was a big relief for me and my wife and all family members .Most imp thing is expertise in paediatric Nephrology of Dr.Siddharth and his continous research on the subject ..research papers written by him continuously which is a great work i see in welfare of society and improved success rate in Paediatric Nephrology .Dr.Siddharth intense involvement to 3 times doubly check before treatement resulted that my son is healthy and fine now and by grace of god he all reports are normal and leading a perfect life now. I recommend all Pediatric Nephrology patients to visit Dr. Siddharth at Medanta Gurgaon for more quality ..caring..Expertise ..treatement for pediatric patient's which will benefit to society and a big relief for family members of patients.

    Satyendra Rathore

  • I came in contact with dr sidharth seth for treatment of my daughter Atulya. She is suffering from nephritic syndrome since she was 2 years old. Dr. Sethi has been treating her since then and she is doing quite well now. I roamed around almost all north india before i came to dr. Sethi. He is the Best pediatric Nephrologist in india.

    Satya Prakash Soni

  • He is indeed the best Pediatric Nephrologist in India. Dr Sidharth Sethi sir is humble and empathetic. His knowledge and experience is evident in prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment. He understands not only medical but also financial condition of his patients, and suggests affordable and efficient treatment procedures. His team performed my kidney transplantation 5 years back, and I have been under his medical supervision since then. No complication till now!

    Prakhar Deroliya

  • My son Samriddh who is just 4 years old was diagonised with sudden Acute Kidney Injury last year, his Creatinine was 9.6, we were immediately referred to Dr. Sidharth Sethi, in Medanta. At that point of time we were totally lost ...but Dr. Sidharth very patiently treated our son. He did every possible thing for him, he reviewed the case with doctos all across as root cause was not evident. He was very transparent and ensured we were aware of every little detail and gave us confidence that our son was in safe hands. There were times when we gave up hope but he was sure of his treatment and we call it as his miracle that my son was off dialysis and was cured without further complications.....After 6 months my son is off steriods...and keeping well ..thank you doctor for all your support....People say that Dr. Is GOD...we actually saw one and feel blessed as he saved our Kid. Thanks to You Dr Sidharth Sethi...

    Meha Kapoor